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See why Virginia Medical Records Retrieval is one most affordable and trustworthy retrieval companies in the United States for more than 15 years.

Medical Record Retrieval for Lawyers

Every law firm in the United States faces the same obstacle, time. In an industry that is based around careful preparation and research, affording the time and man-hours to manually send requests and HIPPA authorizations on behalf of your client can be very costly and time-consuming without a streamlined process. 

What other factors should you consider for manual record retrieval?


  • Security – Are your documents properly secured for your client’s safety and privacy?
  • Support – Do you have an integrated network to track and monitor your records?
  • Access – Can you view or request records at a moment’s notice?

The reality of record retrieval is it is a tedious and sometimes overwhelming process. With so many factors and variables to consider, not only will you save money with a record retrieval service, such as Virginia Medical Record Retrieval, but you will save yourself and your team a headache trying to deal with ever-changing rules and regulations that involve the process. 

Best Medical Record Retrieval Services

As the exclusive medical record retrieval company in Hampton Roads, you will have local access to our facility, team of professionals, and support.


Unlike many retrieval companies, Virginia Medical Record Retrieval offers personal, one-on-one onboard training for new clients. If you have any trouble or issues using our software, contact us!


After 15 years of being a part of the largest database in the country for medical and billing record retrieval, our experience comes with our service! Stress-free guarantee!

Medical Record Retrieval Companies

Streamlined medical record retrieval is partially unknown in the legal community. At Virginia Medical Record Retrieval, it is our mission to empower the legal field with powerful tools that can save any size law firm or practice countless man-hours. 


The average paralegal hourly wage is $28 an hour according to Zip Recruiter!


Not only are you going to save billable man-hours, but you are freeing your team to work on the more important aspects of case preparation! 


How many hours can you save monthly without worrying about the hassle of HIPPA compliance, paper filing, and organization? With our proven retrieval system, anyone with any computer skill level can operate the process seamlessly!

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