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Our records retrieval services take the stress out of requesting medical records so you can work on building a strong case. We retrieve medical records, billing records and other sensitive documents fast.
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How Does It Work?

Virginia Medical Records Retrieval takes the leg work out of retrieving sensitive documents such as medical records, billing records, and other sensitive documents so you can focus on building a strong case.

Our easy-to-use interface will ensure you the most fluid and simple process in what can be a confusing and timely ordeal.

Our experience in medical records retrieval makes the process simple. Any professional can order and access records from our online portal in a safe and efficient manner!

The Benefits

Easy Account Set Up
Easy Record Access
Progress Updates
Easy Record Updates

Time Managment

Save countless hours by using our hassle free record retrieval system.

Average delivery turnaround time is 10-12 calendar days.

Anytime Anywhere

Clients can order and access their records from anywhere. 

Budget Friendly

Unlike many record retrieval companies, VMRR strives to maintain affordable and competitive prices. 

Our Services

medical record retrieval

Medical Record Retrieval

VMRR has been retrieving medical records for 15 years as part of the largest medical records retrieval service in the United States. We have the experience you need, and can rely upon, to get your records fast. We are able to custom design HIPAA authorizations for maximum efficiency to speed up the record retrieval process and we have access to the nation’s largest database of over 1,000,000 facilities and doctors, nationwide.

Billing Record Retrieval

Access client billing information. Utilizing the same, easy to use interface, you can retrieve documents faster than before. With most retrievals only taking 10-12 days, you can focus on building a strong case for your client.

Record Retrieval Retrieval Company

Advantages to Outsourcing Your Retrieval Needs with VMRR


Pay one Flat fee + the doctor/facility cost.

Clear statements for easy client billing

Pay one bill a month, write one check.

100% Digital

No more stacks of paper…records are delivered digitally through a secure, encrypted website and are easy to store and easy to share

Local contact

No one has a better understanding of relationships with medical facilities in Virginia. Best of all, we’re a Virginian company, hiring local Virginians.

See How Virginia Medical Records Can Save Thousands in Staff Hours and Streamline your Medical Retrieval Process

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